sports accumulator bettingYou don’t have to stick to just choosing sporting events from the same sport to build an interesting accumulator bet; far from it. Some of the best ways to make a whole betting weekend or week more exciting is to build an accumulator bet that has the potential to last a number of days with a decent reward at the end of it.

Read on and we shall explain what we mean and throw a few examples at you…

How They Work

A multi sport/event accumulator works in the same way that a horse racing or football accumulator bet does. You write the slip out more or less the same if you are in a betting shop, the odds and the way they compound works the same, and so on. The only difference is that you might be having to hunt around for odds from a number of different screens to get all the information you need to place your bet.

These bets become interesting when a few sporting events are happening in close proximity to each other and you have a fancy for an outcome in a few of them. For example, on a particular weekend you might be confident about the outright winner of a Formula One race, a golf tournament, a football match and a horse in an individual race. You’ll have to be a lucky duck to get such a bet up, but if you’re feeling good about all 4 then you can bundle them into a fourfold accumulator and put a lowish stake on it and hope for the best.

If you get out of Saturday with your horse race and football match wins under your belt then it’s down to the car and the golf clubs to deliver a big payout on the Sunday. If you get the Formula One race up but the golfer fails to win then the bet dies and you lose. You can insure against one of the events letting you down by considering doing a sports multiple bet, such as a Lucky 15, instead of the straight accumulator as you will be in profit if 3 out of the 4 come up, and might at least get your stakes back if only two of them score.

These types of multiple sports bets can be placed when the events involved are weeks, months and even years away from each other. Here’s an example bet that could have been placed in August 2015:

Neil Robertson to win the 2015 UK Snooker Championship – 7/1
Andy Murray to win the Australian Open 2016 – 4/1
Green Bay Packers to win the 2016 Superbowl – 6/1
San Antonio Spurs to win the 2015/16 NBA Championship – 4/1

If these were put into a straight fourfold accumulator, and they all came up, the bet would return £1,399 to every £1 staked. Very nice, but quite the long shot. If the first three went well then the bet could run right through to June 2016, where you’d be waiting for the outcome of the NBA final. Alternatively, if Neil Robertson doesn’t win the UK Snooker Championship (which is a tough call) then the bet is dead before 2015 has come to an end.

I don’t know enough about snooker to place a bet with a snooker result in, but as an example you understand the principle. The full sporting calendar is your oyster and sports can be mixed up to make some very tasty and lengthy bets.

As with many other situations in sports betting, these accumulator bets can provide situations where it helps to have a Betfair account in order to guarantee profit. If the example bet above was still alive after the snooker, tennis and NFL results came through, you could consider laying off San Antonio Spurs if the odds on them winning the NBA were still very low. If their season was going well and they were down to 3/1, you could lay that off for £250. You’d have to pay out £750 if they did win the NBA but you’d still collect your £1,400 winnings from the successful accumulator, so that would still be a profit of £650 from your £1 bet. If the Spurs failed to win the NBA then your accumulator loses, but you get the £250 that was staked with you on Betfair when you laid off that bet. So you still make £249 from your £1 bet.

As you can imagine, the above situation is a rare one – but they do happen – so I’ve included it to get you to think about how a sports accumulator bet can be hedged when it’s in a strong winning position. Profit can be guaranteed. I would urge you to understand your own attitude to risk. Put yourself in those situations and think about what choices you would make. In this example would you hold your nerve and maybe win nothing or take the guaranteed minimum win of £249 with the chance of a maximum of £650? What if the Spurs were going great guns and the odds dropped to Evens? You could then lay it off for £500 and win either £900 or £500 whatever happens! Would you still let it ride for the £1,400 or £0 outcome?

If you don’t have a Betfair account, you might be able to stake an opposing bet anyway in a bookmaker’s shop. In this example if the Spurs got to the NBA final and were playing, for example, the Golden State Warriors who had odds of 2/1 to beat them then you could place a £500 win bet on the Warriors. If the Warriors win the match and therefore the NBA title then you collect £1,000 winnings from that bet which will soften the blow of such an amazing lengthy accumulator dying on the last possible day. If the Spurs beat the Warriors then you lose that £500 but you pick up your £1,400 accumulator winnings…so it’s a good day’s work still. It would be nice to know though that whatever happens in that final match you enjoy either £900 or £1,000 of winnings from your original £1 bet.

One quick point; we would never normally bet £500 on something happening unless it was in a situation such as this…where you are investing an amount to GUARANTEE big winnings whatever the outcome. We rarely bet more than £5 to be honest as my betting is for fun and is always made up of small amounts that we can afford to lose. You choose your stakes according to your own pockets but if you need to win to be able to eat or pay a bill then it might be time to get some professional help and a good place to start is the Gamble Aware website at

Anyway, that’s the basics of sports accumulators – you can bundle loads of them together from any number of sports and they can provide hours, days, weeks or months of excitement if the results keep going your way.

One final point; keep in mind that it is often the case where one or more of the selections you make has no each way outcome available. A bet on a football team to be relegated is not available each way as they either get relegated or they don’t, only two results are possible. So the example bet used above could only be placed as a Win bet. If you removed the Crystal Palace relegated bet and did a treble on the other 3 then it could be placed as an each way treble. If you did that at £1 each way (£2 total stake) then you would still get back around £340 if all three come up. If one of them let you down on the win but placed then you’d get a return of around £16…so at least you can buy a few drinks and think of what might have been.

Finally, do keep in mind that it is often the case where one or more of the selections you make has no each way outcome available. The example bet above could actually be placed as an each way bet but if you had included a bet on a sports team to get relegated from their division, for example, then that would have no each way outcome as they either get relegated or they don’t. Including that bet in your accumulator would mean that you could only place the whole accumulator as a win bet and you would lose the semi-insurance of placing it each way.

Whatever you do, these are fun bets in our opinion, so treat them that way and please share any ideas you have for these sports accumulators on our facebook page.