guide to football betting couponsThese can either be very useful ways to place a targeted treble or 4fold, or something to have fun with for as little as 10p where you have a chance of winning really big. If you’re new to the coupons they can look a little confusing at first, but once you get your head around the basics then they will save you time and give you something to tackle over a coffee.

NB: Most coupons are also replicated online too by the individual bookmakers, so you can place the types of bets highlighted below on your PC or mobile device too.

Football Match Results Coupons

These are the most popular coupons, making it easy to place a bet on a single match or a double, treble or accumulator across a number of matches.

Each bookmaker has their own name for these coupons, but they usually work in the same way whoever you bet with. There will be a left hand column that lists all the matches you are able to bet on with this coupon, with the odds for the home win, draw and away win. There will then be anything from 1 to 3 other columns that have small ‘tick boxes’ in them on each line where a match is listed – these are labelled Home, Draw and Away. You use a pen to mark your selection(s) by putting a horizontal line in the middle of the box that corresponds to your choice. So if you expect Team A (playing at home) to beat Team B then you mark the ‘Home’ box on that match line.

If you are looking to select more than one match to build a double, treble or bigger then mark all of your selections in this way. There will also be an area on the right hand side of the coupon, or at the bottom, that you then use to select the type of bet you are doing (e.g. Single, Double, Treble, etc) as well as your stake.

NB: Be careful when you are filling in your coupon and double check everything before you get to the counter. Try not to complete it in a rush where possible, as that’s how mistakes can be made. If there are any surprises or problems at the counter then the staff can help you find out what has gone wrong. Sometimes the stake might have been missed off, sometimes you might have put two selection in the same line by mistake. If you are expecting to be placing a £1 treble but the counter staff asks you for a different amount then there might be a mistake on the form. You don’t have to pay more, you can cancel the bet and start again, don’t worry or pay for a bet you don’t want to place.

If all goes to plan then you will be given a receipt for the bet – these usually show you how much you will win if your selections come up. All of the matches and your choice of result will usually be shown on this receipt too, so you have something to check against when the results are in. If you have done some long accumulators then you can use a pen to tick off the results on your receipt; it doesn’t have to be in pristine condition, just make sure the barcode can be still be scanned in the shop!

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Coupons

These are a firm favourite in the TipTime office, and rarely a weekend goes by without one of these coupons getting filled in. They all have different names again, such as ‘Goal Rush’ at Ladbrokes, or ‘Goals Galore’ in BetFred, but the principle is the same…you’re betting on goals being scored, not the results of matches.

With a name such as ‘Both teams to score’ it is fairly clear what you are betting on, and your choice is usually ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The odds are usually somewhere around Evens; often the ‘Yes’ is something like 5/6 and the ‘No’ might be 5/6 too if an evenly balanced game is expected or up to 11/10 if one team is very dominant on paper. You will never find odds much higher than 11/10 for a match for either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, as it’s football, and anything can happen. It only takes a penalty for a 6-0 drubbing to become 6-1 and BTTS ‘Yes’ pays out, so the bookmakers have to manage their risk. Some coupons, such as ‘Goals Galore’ in BetFred are only for the selection of games where you are backing both teams to score – there is no choice of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, just, erm, ‘Yes’!

Remember, you are not betting on a team to lose, but the likelihood of both teams managing to score a goal. So look for the teams that seem to concede but are also consistent at scoring at least one. Carlisle United are good at this, so too are teams such as Stevenage. There was a phase through the 2012/13 season where Manchester United were winning matches but often after going a goal down; the same can apply to Everton. These teams exist right through the leagues, so do some research and find out which teams look to be good up front but a bit leaky at the back and then balance that with who they are playing that day.

Our favourite part of these bets, when you build a decent accumulator across 5 or more matches, is that they last the full 90 minutes if you only pick ‘Yes’ options, so you can tick the matches off as they come good through a Saturday afternoon or Tuesday evening as the games are being played. If you have ‘No’ as a selection for a match then it can be a crushing disappointment when that game goes to 1-1 in the first 15 minutes and your coupon is dead. It’s a personal thing, but keep that in mind if you are placing these bets for fun or to make watching results coming through more entertaining.

Keep a realistic view on these bets – if you have chosen 11 selections for your BTTS coupon then you have a very low chance of the bet coming off, so maybe avoid blowing all your stake money for the day on one of these. A 50p accumulator with 11 matches would return over £300, 12 matches way over £500, and so on, so if you are going to choose so many matches then keep the stakes small…it’s a fun bet, not a banker, and they don’t come up very often but it’s lovely when they do!