guide to football accumulator-bettingSo, so easy to get carried away with football accumulators. You look at the long list of matches and you just get that feeling that you can see 10 or 12 DEFINITE results, so you start marking the coupon or clicking the boxes. You’re certain that Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea will win their games, and Celtic and Rangers should have no problems, and QPR and Watford are on fire in the Championship and Barcelona are playing away to somewhere you’ve never heard of in Spain, so there’s 10 matches, easy money?

If only it worked like that….but there always seems to be one game that has a hissy fit against destiny.

Football Match Results Accumulators

These are exactly the accumulators we are referring to above. Bookmakers love them, as they so rarely pay off for the punter; that’s why the coupons have so many matches listed on them for you to choose from – every extra match you add in to the accumulator makes your chances of winning anything drop, quite dramatically the longer the list gets.

But every match you add also throws the odds up dramatically and makes a big win a possibility. Ten matches at odds of around Evens or a chunk of them at odds on will return around 200/1 if you get them all up. Stick two more matches in (12 in total) and it will return 450/1 or more. Add a 13th game at Evens and it’s now returning over 900/1. Two more games added in and it’s paying over 3000/1! So stick a tenner on and win over £30,000….but it just doesn’t work like that, you will lose a lot betting big on these accumulators.

Have a look at the list of full results for the 2012/13 Premier League season and try and find the weekend or weeks where Man United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs all won. Some weeks they are playing each other, but frequently you will find that there is a win for three or four of them and a draw (or freak loss) for the other game(s). It is likely that at least one of the six ‘banker’ teams will be playing a tricky away game, or playing a team such as Everton or Stoke where a win is never going to be straightforward. Or maybe they have had a midweek game, or European match. There are plenty of factors that can work against you to stop a big accumulator from coming through.

From our experience, and the experience of talking to far too many people who like to bet on football accumulators, the best results we have found have come from seeing the season for the 35+ weeks that it is, and looking to win well by the end of the year. So don’t go boom or bust on huge accumulators and look for the really solid treble bets that will give you profit more weeks than not.

Set yourself a budget for the week, which doesn’t have to be much, even just £5 and use it wisely. If you really, really believe that Man United, Chelsea and Tottenham can win their matches then put the £5 on that, and win £15 or £20 if it comes off. If you spend your £5 just on long hopeful accumulators then you will more than likely not experience the satisfaction of collecting winnings on a regular basis from the bookmaker.

We recognise the beast within though that makes the long accumulators so attractive; so here’s a suggestion for your £5 budget (scale it up or down depending on your chosen budget)…

Put £4 on a treble where you have a chunk of confidence from research that the 3 matches can come in. Example, if the odds for your chosen results are all Evens then your £4 treble returns £32 (including the stake) if it is successful. Enjoy the cash, or put it into a savings account – if you get this right for half of the weeks of the season then you will have £500-600 towards a nice summer holiday, and you’ll have lost £80 to £100 to get it but if you’ve budgeted correctly each week then you shouldn’t have missed it.

With your other £1 from your weekly budget, go crazy, but use small stakes. An 11 match accumulator with 3 draws in there, a chunk of homes around Evens and an away at 6/5 would payout just over £1,000 for just a 20p stake! If you can find 8 draws around 11/5 each you’ll win over £1,000 from just a 10p stake. So do a few of these with your spare £1 and have some fun, just try not to waste all your money each week chasing accumulators with odds well over 3,000/1 to 5,000/1….they are that price for a reason as they just rarely come in.

NB: Most bookmakers have a maximum of 15 matches allowed in an accumulator – this is to reduce their risk of having to handout gigantic winnings to people and to be honest you probably shouldn’t be able to win a million off a 20p bet!

Both Teams To Score Accumulators

LOVE these bets….they start from kick off and last the full 90 minutes and are more exciting to follow than match results accumulators.

Both Teams To Score (or BTTS as they are sometimes listed) usually have odds around 4/5 or 5/6 and they stack up really well in accumulators, and they often perform quite well in international tournaments where the games are fiercely competitive and goals get scored.

You’re looking for the games where there will be some level of excitement, or for the teams that seem to always concede but usually manage to score 1 or 2 as well. These teams exist right through the leagues, take Carlisle as an example, have a look at their results for the 2012/13 season.

If you ever have a BTTS accumulator that has all your selections up except for one, and that is a game that is being played later in the day or on the next day then it is worth considering placing another bet on the match you are waiting for with the opposite outcome preferred. For example, you have done a BTTS accumulator with 7 matches in it; 6 matches on the Saturday and then a match on the Sunday. You have staked 50p on this accumulator and will win around £40 if all the results come up. By 5pm on Saturday you have got all your selections up for that day, and you just need the Sunday result to come in for you to collect a very, very good £40 from your 50p stake. Well, use this very lucrative position to your advantage – go back to the bookmakers or go online again and back the opposite result you are waiting for at a higher stake. If you are waiting for both teams to score in Barcelona v Real Madrid on Sunday night then go and put £10 or £15 on ‘No’ as a result. That way if your coupon fails because Barcelona kept a clean sheet then you will still get a decent return from this second bet. If your coupon comes good then you will have sacrificed some of your winnings on your 2nd bet, but you will still pick up a good chunk. It’s a form of ‘hedging your bet’ and is very useful to guarantee a return when there are only two outcomes up for grabs.