correct score football betting guideThis one is fairly self explanatory, and it is where some of the bigger odds lie. You probably believe that there are some teams that seem to grind out the same result more often than not, and hear people saying things such as ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’, or ‘Stoke always seem to draw 1-1’, etc. Well, if you believe some of that then why just bet on the result (win, lose, draw)? Arsenal’s opening match of the 2013/14 season is at home to Aston Villa. Odds for the win are 4/11. Odds on Arsenal to win 1-0 are 11/2…much better value. But do your research first…Arsenal only won 1-0 six times in the previous season, so it’s hardly a major trend out of 38 games. It’s twice more than Everton & Man United but still not clear enough to make it a banker…and as it happens Aston Villa won; go figure!

When To Use A Correct Score Bet

There is no obvious time when a correct score bet can be advised other than on a day where you are feeling really lucky!

You can look for trends, but they are more likely to guide you towards a higher level trend such as a propensity to draw a lot of matches, rather than draw at a certain score. Sometimes you can get a feeling for a match where you know that a particular winning margin is required; for example a Champion’s League match where Team A needs to win by 2 goals or more to proceed. Maybe this is the time to put a few bets on a 3-1 win, or a 2-0 where the odds are even higher, but keep the stakes down and remember that this is a real shot in the dark bet. The same might apply to a game where one team needs to win at all costs and where the opposition is out to cause trouble; these can sometimes lead to plenty of goals. The odds on Manchester City to beat QPR 3-2 on the last day of the 2011/12 Premier League season were 33/1 before kick off.

KEY TIP: Never bet on a 0-0 result. Always bet on there being ‘no goalscorer’ instead. In football betting an own goal does not get included in ‘no goalscorer’, so if you bet on 0-0 and the result is 1-0 because of an own goal then you lose the bet. If you bet on ‘no goalscorer’ then you still win. On Sunday 4th August, Derby Blackburn to draw 0-0 was 8/1. No goalscorer was 15/2 (equivalent of 7.5/1). So you lose half a point on the odds, but your chance of winning increase slightly. Sometimes the ‘no goalscorer’ odds are higher than the 0-0, but bookies have wised up a bit in this area now.

In-Play Correct Score Betting

You can now use your computer or mobile device to place correct-score bets while the match is actually being played. The odds constantly change through the game as events happen and time passes. The odds on a 1-1 draw in the first 5 minutes of the game with no goals scored will be much higher than the odds on a 1-1 draw in the last 2 minutes where the result is already 1-1. In fact, the odds on that will be so low that it might not be worth taking the risk.

But if you are watching the game, and you can see a team in the ascendancy during the 2nd half, because of a substitution or sending off for example, then maybe you can see them turning around the 1-0 deficit in the last 20 minutes; maybe they can steal it 2-1? Get online and find the match on your online bookmaker’s website and see how the odds look. Manchester City were losing 2-1 in the last few minutes of that final match of the 2011/12 season, and then scored twice in injury time to win the league. You could have got over 500/1 on Betfair as injury time started for that result….now that is a payout!