TipTime How To Bet book coverWe are delighted to have had our collection of betting guides and information published as a paperback.

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The book is also available for just £3.95 as a Kindle edition in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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This How To Bet guide introduces the world of sports betting to the beginner or novice and introduces how odds work, the different types of bets that are available, and gives advice on how these different bets work across different sports.

If you have always been interested in betting for fun and wondered how you can get started then this guide will arm you with all the knowledge you need to be able to walk confidently into a betting shop and write your first slip out.

It covers horse racing and football betting in detail, but also introduces you to other sports such as tennis and golf, as well as markets you maybe didn’t know existed such as betting on TV shows, politics and the weather.

The book also explains how online betting works as well as properly introducing the betting exchange, Betfair.

ISNB: 978-0-9932987-4-5

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