betting on football match resultsThe easiest type of football bet to get your head around is the basic result bet; backing Team A or Team B to win or for the match to be a draw.

The key to betting on match results is to look for the value. Backing Chelsea to win against Hull at odds of 2/9 just isn’t worth the risk, but what about the draw at 5/1? Always look for value…

Choosing Your Match Result Bets 

Plenty of betting pundits and experienced football betting acquaintances have often warned that you shouldn’t start betting on UK football leagues until the first 6 weeks have passed. We don’t fully buy into that, but stakes are kept low certainly for the first 4 or 5 weeks until teams settle down and the class starts to shine through.

There is often a team that has a freaky start, or a league favourite loses and draws the first 2 matches, but you don’t get too many consistent surprises through the season, especially not in leagues such as the Premier League.

The odds early in the season can be unusual and sometimes present good value. The opening fixtures in a recent Premier League season had Southampton at around 16/1 to beat Man City away, and Everton to beat Man United at home at 5/1. Both Manchester teams were odds on to win those games so presented no value. Everton won 1-0, and Southampton were leading 2-1 until the 72nd minute. There was nearly a 101/1 double right there on the first weekend of a new season! The return on the Everton bet alone would have been a great way to start your football betting campaign.

In that same season, who could have predicted that West Brom would beat Liverpool and Everton and draw away to Spurs in their first three games, to only then get beaten 3-0 by Fulham in their next game?

It would have been easy to back West Brom to win that match, especially if you considered that Fulham had lost their last two matches to Sheffield Wednesday (cup) and West Ham (league). So try to see the bigger picture at all times, and consider the longer term form of the teams involved. You might have found that match was one to avoid full stop as it would have been tough to call.

Because of the low odds involved for the more likely results, it might be that you find yourself being put off from just betting on one match. Consider Chelsea at home to Hull again; odds of 2/9 mean that you would have to bet £4.50 to win £1 back. If you are convinced Chelsea will win then look for another match being played where you can get a similar positive feeling, based on research as well as gut feel. Check in the other leagues too; who are newly relegated Reading or QPR playing in the Championship? Is it a team that just managed to avoid relegation to League One? Try doubling up to get a better return, or go for a treble across 3 matches if there are a few likely results to choose from.

As an example, on the opening weekend of the Premier League you might feel that Chelsea winning at home and Manchester United and Spurs winning away against much lower opposition might be the three – the treble across those matches will return £3.80 to every pound staked. Put £4 on and get £15.20 if the results go your way. Just remember though that it’s football, and anything can happen, so never bet more than you can afford to lose. In fact, don’t even bet an amount that you can afford but would really annoy you if you lost. Bet a little, win or lose a little, it’s a long season, your knowledge and confidence will change and grow as the weeks go by.

The most fun from football results betting though is in the accumulators, which you can read more about here.