TipTime How To Bet book coverTipTime has been created to teach you the basics of betting, whether you do it online or in a licensed betting shop. If you currently couldn’t tell your Yankees from your Canadians or a Reverse Exacta from a Quadpot then read on and all (and much more) will become clear.

Our enthusiasm for sports betting has always been there, but mushroomed into a passion in 2011 when we decided to put a little bit of time aside each week to start studying and learning, and then realised that with a little bit of planning, lots of patience and lots of research it was possible to vastly increase the chances of consistently getting into profit when betting.

We spent dozens of hours talking to punters, experienced and novice alike, to see what knowledge and myths were out there (and what was missing) and then decided to start sharing the good stuff we’ve learned and warn of the mistakes we might have made…but don’t make any more.

Who Is TipTime For?

We believe that TipTime is for anyone who has an interest in sports betting. Most of the information on here is for people who are new to betting, or think they will enjoy it but want to learn the basics before they try it for real.

We are not a site aimed at professional punters, but if you are a bit handy with the betting slip then we would welcome any contributions you might like to make, whether that is suggestions for articles or commenting on our facebook page if you have something to share with our audience.

The TipTime community is about knowledge and sharing, and as we learn new things we will add them to this website or share them through our social media activity. Initially the content has been developed to include most of the questions we wanted to ask someone when we started following sports betting and staking our own money. We got the answers to these questions the hard way, through trial and error, so you don’t have to.

Hopefully you will find something useful and of interest as you browse the articles, and we wish you the very best of luck with your betting endeavours!

The TipTime Book

If you like what you read on our website and would like to have your own copy of the content then it is all available in a handy Kindle edition from Amazon, priced at only £2.99, as well as a paperback book for only £7.99.