How To Write Out A Betting Slip

How To Write Out A Betting Slip

If you’re new to betting then some of the scribbles you see on betting slips can look like a foreign language, but this article will show you the basics of how to write out a bet slip.

guide to horse racing odds

Guide To Bookmaker Betting Odds

We introduce the basics of how odds work and show you how odds can compound in dramatic style in accumulators. We’ll also help you understand how decimal odds work too.

sports accumulator betting

Sports Accumulator Betting

You don’t have to stick to just choosing from the same sport to build an interesting accumulator bet; far from it. This quick guide will show you how to combine different sports in one bigger bet.

betting on football match results

Football Match Betting Guide

The easiest type of football bet to get your head around is the basic result bet; backing Team A or Team B to win or for the match to be a draw. Read our introductory guide to football match betting...

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how to bet online

How To Bet Online

Every major bookmaker has an online betting service, and there are also a few that exist purely online. The principles of betting remain the same and the same types of bets can be placed. Find out more in our handy guide...

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